Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World

Wars, famine and authoritarian regimes are major factors that could make a country poor. Most of these countries are developing countries or least developed countries.

The purchasing power parity per capital of these countries are low. Inflation rates and cost of living are higher.

Effects of climate shocks may also be one of the basic contributor to the poverty rates. In Africa, droughts and water crisis fuels the rate of poverty among its people. It is sad to note that there is high rate of poor leadership especially in developing countries – funds are mismanaged or looted, leaving the masses to bear the brunt of it all.

Unfortunately these countries are below $1000 GDP per capital.

10. Sierra Leone — $505

9. The Gambia — $500

8. Madagascar — $479

7. Democratic Republic of Congo — $477

6. Mozambique — $472


5. Yemen — $449

4. Central African Republic — $425

3. Malawi — $342

2. Burundi — $339

1. South Sudan — $246

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