Salary of State House of Assembly Members in Nigeria

Salary of state house of assembly members

It was very conspicuous that many Nigerians are disenchanted with the high salary earned by Nigerian politicians. This was evidenced by the massive acceptance of the downward review of the salaries and allowances earned by Nigerian politicians and other top political office holders in the country.

In Nigerian politics, campaigning for a political office is deemed as an investment and not a call to serve the masses. The politicians spend so much money on consultations and campaigning with the hope that they will recover their money after they have been sworn into office.

This concretizes the assertion that many Nigerian politicians are attracted by the huge pay package that abounds in Politics in Nigeria. Thus many Nigerians still argue that the amount carted home monthly by the big wigs in Nigerian politics is too much. This instigates the ample need for the salaries of Nigerian politicians to be further reduced.

Hitherto, Nigerian senators still remain the highest earning Senators in the world. Remember that we earlier published posts on the salary of the President of Nigeria, Salary of the Vice president of Nigeria. Salary of Nigerian Senators, Salary of Nigerian Ministers and Salaries of house of representative members.
In this post, we shall highlight the salary of the State House of Assembly members in Nigeria.

According to details released by revenue mobilization and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC),

The annual basic salary of State House Assembly members is N2.4 million. In addition to this there are several other juicy allowances. They are paid N802,335 for accommodation, N267,445 for Vehicle maintenance and N133,772.

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Other yearly allowances are N334,306 for constituency allowance; N334,306 for domestic staff, N133,772 for utilities and N66,861 as newspaper allowances.
The House of Assembly members also enjoy N2 million as Furniture allowances, N2.6 million as severance gratuity and a vehicle loan of N5.3 million every four years.

On the whole, a State House of Assembly member in Nigeria earns about 14 million naira yearly i.e 1.2 million naira monthly.
Speakers of House assembly earn the same salary as the law makers in the National Assembly. They enjoy the same allowances and benefits. Almost everything they need is provided by public funds.

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