Daddy Freeze Questions Oyedepo Over Shiloh Conference

Collage image of Bishop David Oyedepo & Daddy Freeze

Controversial On-Air-Personality, Daddy Freeze, who believes he is a more knowledgeable teacher of the bible than most Nigerian pastor has called on Bishop David Oyedepo for questioning.

It is obviously the OAP is not ready to let Nigerian pastors continue their ministry in the lives of the people, over he his belief of them been misled and brainwashed.

The leader of the Free the Sheeples Movement attacked Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church asking him why he resurrected Shiloh every year after God destroyed it.

Shiloh, as it known, is a yearly conference of the Living Faith Church, also known as, “Winner Chapel”, where people of diverse background gather for a week-long program.

Daddy Freeze referred to Jeremiah 7:12-15 where it was recorded that God destroyed Shiloh because of the people’s wickedness.

He uploaded a screenshot of the referred verse, with the caption, “If God destroyed Shiloh, why are we resurrecting it every year”

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