Rosy Meurer Debunks Pregnancy, Childbirth News

Rosy Meurer Debunks Pregnancy, Childbirth News
Rosy Meurer

Nollywood Actor, Rosy Meurer, has debunked the rumour that circulated about her welcoming her first child in the States, after months of hiding her pregnancy.

The actress took to her Instagram to post a photo and a video showing only her face, stressing that the report isn’t true.

In quite a lengthy note, Rosy expressly stated that she was not pregnant and she also shaded those that are still tagging her with Tonto Dikeh’s husband, Olakunle Churchill.

According to her, she added that the the controversy has favored her but it is time to lay it to rest.

She wrote, “Hey guys, so my attention was drawn to some false rumors flying across social media that I was pregnant and just had a baby. Well as much as I wish to thank my Fans, Family and Friends for the blessed prayer, unfortunately the time has not come yet.

“I would have been the happiest person in the world if God gave me the gift of life and my fans would have been the first to know. Pregnancy is a thing of joy and is something I will welcome with open arms considering my divine love for children however Gods time is the best and I am patiently awaiting my time. Thank you all for your kind support and prayers.

“Also I beg everyone that have been on my case using my picture to back up their failure, sponsoring rubbish news underground to favor them and tagging my picture alongside with Mr Churchill’s picture. E never do? Despite the fact that this controversy has favored me Biko it’s enough.

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“If I find a man like Mr Churchill that wants to marry me now now I will be the happiest it is what I am even praying for cuz he is a good man that I have known for a very long time and spoiling his image on social media will not change his person neither would it reduce the money that enters his account.

“Please get busy with other things that will benefit your lives because this whole underground sponsoring moves will not carry y’all far at all. You will just continue being depressed and unhappy because I am living my best life and I have no regrets what so ever. You are wasting your time.

“I am covered with the BLOOD OF JESUS! I AM NOT PREGNANT!!! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME SHAME SHAME! How do you feel? FAILURES!!! Don’t be jobless! Improve your lives! I ain’t gat time boo. ROSY LOVES YOU MUCHOOOO I know you wish I could stay longer on here but I’d rather be focused on making my money and doing that thing that upsets you all so much. PROGRESSING”

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